This blog has had a severe lack of activity lately. I should really update more.

After reviewing a lot of previous content I’ve decided this blog needs a revamp. I’m certainly going to have to delete some whiny/non-relevant posts, edit poorly written ones and create some new fun, spicy content.

To kick it off here’s a sweet painting I started of the Frankenstein monster with jaundice!

Day 04-9 hours

In the mean time here’s a list of links to other social outlets I actively use:

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It was super weird.

I went to Sports Clips because it’s the only place around my apartment within walking distance.

First of all, they had a zillion televisions with sports news on, and it was really weird since I don’t really like sports aside from hockey occasionally. They were playing NASCAR highlights.

I also got to listen to all the disgusting guy talk (much like while I was fueling up on burritos next door at Chipotle the day prior). 90% of male conversations I overhear make me ashamed and feel like I need to have a sex change.

When the girl got down to it, being my first time a Sport Clips she gave me her spiel of: “Since it’s your first time we’re going to upgrade you to the MVP package” which is a haircut, shampoo & scalp massage, steamed towel treatment,  and a neck and shoulder massage. I don’t need a package, I just need my fucking haircut. When I declined it all the poor girl had a look on her face that said “I’m freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeakin’ out!” Maybe declining the service was offensive in some fucked up way?

In the end I got a decent haircut but the whole process seemed entirely unnecessary.

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Last night I watched a Canadian indie film waydowntown. I’ve seen it a few times before and I was mainly watching it just to get the quote I wanted to write about.

“…I thinking I’m becoming completely desensitized. Am I some kind of a monster, an abnormality, a psychopath of some kind? They say that a hallmark of psychopathic behavior is fake charm, turning it on for stuff you don’t like. Sometimes I think my job is saying hello and making small talk around the office. I wonder how many times a day I say hello. There’s all that stuff about kids seeing 8,000 TV murders before they’re like 4, but hello is worse. It’s become meaningless. It’s a con; a way to trick us into thinking we’re engaging in human interaction. I could be saying hello to a plant or my any farm.

Last week these two intense suits were walking like full speed and they knocked heads right in front of me. They both landed flat on their backs. It was like I was watching it on TV one guy was knocked out cold. I didn’t even break stride. I might as well have said hello.”

When I initially heard this monologue years ago I thought “Yeah, that makes a lot of sense” and as time passes I think it is more and more applicable to every day life. Greetings are a social norm that I’d like to do away with. Even when people I know ask me how I am doing I don’t get the feeling that they genuinely would like to know; it’s just what they’re supposed to ask. Who’s to say that’s the case though.

Another time greetings agitate me would be when I am working; I work in customer service answering phones. After answering the phone 80% of customers ask how I’m doing but don’t allow enough time for a response. The customers just launch straight into what they need. Why pose the question if you don’t want an answer? When did “How’s it going?” become a rhetorical question?

Maybe it’s not just fake politeness that I’ve had enough of. Maybe I’ve just had enough of trying to interact with humans in general. It seems like every time I ‘put myself out there’ it just blows up in my face and I end up feeling embarrassed, disappointed and alone.

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It’s Politics, Bitch

‘I’m going to vote for candidate x just so candidate y doesn’t win’.

I am so sick of hearing this from people. I think most voters that come to their decision this way are going to be pouting after the election because the candidate they chose in order to keep the other candidate out of office, will end up appearing to them as a shit sandwich. Why not take a step back, think about your decision, and not complain about it later on. Please stop worrying about football, what idiotic things the Kardashians’ are doing, or any other dumb ass thing that you think is important, but actually will have absolutely no impact on your life.

I have also heard the excuse of, I just have to choose between the lesser of two evils. Do Americans know there are political candidates other than Democrats and Republicans. The lesser of two evils mindset is just lazy, take a few minutes to listen to more than those two views. I think it’s more of a waste to chose this way, than it is to vote for an independent candidate.

I also think it is ironic that Americans are satisfied choosing between just two candidates, but need there to be eighteen different kinds of peanut butter to choose from at the grocery store. I would think citizens of a country that requires there to be such a variety of nearly everything in their lives, would want to have more than two options while making such a life altering decision.

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Nikon FE

I decided last week it’s time for a change. I’m tired of everything being almost instant.

I’ve recently had a resurgence in the need I have to take pictures. I like the idea of digital because you can take a picture and review it instantly. You can set up and retake a shot if you think it’s garbage. It’s nice, but I think it’s a lot more fun to shoot film. There’s so much more suspense, and honestly a little more skill needed.

I bought a used Nikon FE, that looks like it has been around the world twice. The battle scars have no effect on the cameras operation. In addition to the camera the person I bought it from sent me this roll of film that expired in 2005. I really can’t wait to see how the images I’ve made have turned out. I’ve read and seen all kinds of pictures taken with expired film, and I’m going to assume this roll hasn’t been stored in the ideal conditions to make film last.

I can’t wait to see how the exposure turned out. No review or deleting these ones.

I feel almost like a kid waiting for Christmas. The presents are under the tree, and I’m just waiting for the day I can rip them all open.

Slow down.

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Sims- In Real Life

I was in Walmart picking up a few things the other day and I was watching the people shop, and it made me think of video games like The Sims and Roller Coaster Tycoon.

When I played those games when I was younger, I payed a lot of attention to what the people where doing (I mostly played Roller Coaster Tycoon, The Sims games were never my thing). The way they walk around, is exactly how the characters in the game walk around–like there is no rhyme or reason to what they are doing.

They kind of scurry about being “busy”. When people are in line, they aren’t ever really in line, you know? They’re always doing something else–rocking the cart around, shifting their weight, touching all the magazines–and they are always, always, in their own world. It’s like there are hundreds of people in the store, but in their minds they are the only ones.

Maybe it’s weird that I think about this but I do. A lot. I feel like there are so few people that walk through life paying attention to what is actually happening around them. It seems that most people on this planet think that what they are doing at every moment of the day, is the most interesting and certainly the most important thing that is happening. You can’t speed though everything (and you also can’t crawl either).

It’s a shame how many simple, enjoyable things people are missing out on.

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Welcome to Earth

In what universe is it okay to call someone you’re talking to a mother fucker, asshole or a piece of shit, because of your ignorance or mistakes.

I had to take a call from a woman who called me all of those things repeatedly. Usually the crazies just direct there rage at the company in general, but this beautiful soul was directing all her rage at me directly as well as at the company, all because she didn’t pay her bill on time. It’s not my fault she didn’t call for an extension.

I’m not going to cry about it or let it ruin my day, I was just shocked. What if I had accidentally retaliated and called her something back? That would have been my job.

And to answer my own question, the only place this is acceptable is in the good old U.S. of A. If you rep the red, white and blue, that apparently gives you a permit to say, and do what ever the fuck you want with no consequence. It’s even encouraged.

If this little tantrum had been in public, some ass clown would have filmed it on their phone and posted it to YouTube. The video would have gotten a zillion views, because that’s what everyone loves to see, other people being degraded. Congratulations, uneducated woman from Texas, you’re a superstar. Keep up that poor behavior because that’s what everyone needs to see.

Jesus, I need an aspirin and a lift off this earth.

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